Comic Review: Cyclops #1

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics

Writer:  Greg Rucka
Artist:  Russell Dauterman
Price:  $3.99

After discovering that his father is not dead, but a space pirate, Scott Summers (Cyclops) joins his father and his crew in their misadventures on board a space pirate ship.

Russell Dauterman creates a modern space environment that captivates the reader. The comic looks fantastic. The problems occur when you actually start reading. Cyclops is way too much of a stereotypical adolescent, and his father isn’t too deep of a character himself.

After “Avengers VS X-Men,” many readers grew a sort of hatred for Cyclops because of his actions during the bout. “Cyclops” seems like an attempt to make the character likable again, but it fails miserably. The story seems to copy themes from the new series “Nova.” “Nova” creates a relatable young character along with an intriguing story. Cyclops is not relatable at all, and the story is so weird that you will find yourself revisiting a different X-Men series just to get the bad taste out of your mouth.

The story revolves around Cyclops trying to fit in with his father and his father’s space pirate crew. The idea sounds cool, but it is just so random and awkward for an X-Men comic. All you want is for someone like Magneto and Wolverine to show up, grab Cyclops and return to Earth to fight some Sentinels because nobody cares about a story that’s just about Cyclops and his space pirate dad.

“Cyclops” also has a cast of alien characters who talk like Yoda, if Yoda had the grammar skills of a first grade foreign exchange student. Among the cast of alien characters is Cyclops’s father’s alien girlfriend, Hepzibah. Every time she talks, you have to read what she said twice because her grammar is so awkward.

In hindsight, “Cyclops” does offer a really cool art style that will keep readers interested. However, if you are looking for a new X-Men series, I would recommend the new “Nightcrawler” series or the new “Magneto” series.

Written by: Jacob Yothment

+ Dauterman’s art is really good

– Why the heck is Cyclops in space??
– Uninteresting characters


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