Comic Review: Teen Titans Annual #3

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics

Writer:  Scott Lobdell
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Price: $4.99

It’s not a great year to be a Teen Titans fan. First, the below average writing Scott Lobdell has been doing on the book, then the sub-par Teen Titans GO! Show on Cartoon Network. I’m just waiting for the day that Will Pfeiffer re-launches (or reboots?) the Teen Titans comic book. Lobdell had a lot of neat ideas, such as Superboy’s origin story as a clone and writing a rookie team that’s learning as they go. The problem lies with Lobdell’s inability to write likable characters as well as character development.

Lobdell once said that he didn’t want Red Robin to be the leader simply because a Robin always seems to end up in charge of the Teen Titans. There is nothing wrong with this sentiment, and it actually makes some sense. However, one of the many problems of this series is that it was never made clear who the leader was or how the team operated as a unit.

Luckily for us readers, DC decided to pull the plug on Lodbdell, wiping the slate clean of the mess that he had created. However, Lodbell ends his run on a high note, giving readers a happy ending while tying up loose ends from the Culling story arc. Of course, even this happy ending is rushed and doesn’t make much sense, leaving the reader wondering if the events that took place even happened. A good chunk of the issue shows how the team deals with Harvest, and whether or not he is really a good guy.

Lobdell’s run ends with the Titans pulling a Breakfast Club moment as they say their goodbyes. At the end of the book, the Titans think to themselves about how they didn’t really suck as a team. They are wrong, they did suck.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ Kenneth Rocafort
+ Happy ending

– Rushed story
– Unlikable characters
– Wait…was this even real?


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