Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #1.1

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ramon Perez
Price: $3.99

Dan Slott and Ramon Perez take readers back to the origin story of Spider-Man, but with a new twist. The comic takes place after Uncle Ben’s death, showing how it affected Peter Parker and his life at home with Aunt May. The story follows Peter during his early years, making for a unique take on the events that created the hero he is today.

The death of Uncle Ben hit Peter hard, mainly because he is the indirect cause of his uncle’s death. The fact that Peter could have stopped the robber who murdered his uncle will always torture his mind and is brought up many times in this issue. With Uncle Ben gone, Peter is the only source of income at home. With bills, loans, mortgages, and now a funeral to pay for, Peter uses his newly acquired powers as Spider-Man to put on shows in order to make money.

The comic also introduces another main character to the storyline, a boy by the name of Clayton Cole. He is Spider-Man’s number one fan. Clayton has watched all of Spider-Man’s wrestling matches, and even finds ways to make money just to see him live. In a sense, Clayton resembles Peter Parker, a very intelligent geek who can also invent gadgets. At the end of the comic, Clayton realizes that Spider-Man doesn’t have mutant spider webbing powers, but just web shooters that Spider-Man made himself. Knowing that he can be just like Spider-Man now, Clayton makes his own Spidey suit and gets introduced as a new hero by the name of Clash.

The art style of the comic is very retro, with Peter Parker looking exactly like he used to in the Spider-Man comics of old. In fact, Ramon Perez’s art style made me feel like I was reading a comic right out of the 60’s.


Peter Parker also seems to have a slight personality change in this comic as well. Throughout most of the comic, Peter seems to have a darker personality. He talks back to his bully Flash Thompson, even threatening him at times. Since the comic is not focused on Peter realizing he needs to fight crime and protect the ones he loves, he mostly cares about making money.

Although the modernization of a mostly retro-looking comic threw me off at times, I still enjoyed the comic and advise any Spider-Man fans to pick it up. I’m also excited to see how the story continues with the newly introduced hero, Clash.

Written by: Zack Myers

+ New take on Spider-Man’s origin
+ Clash is a promising new character

– Spider-Man’s motives


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