Comic Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics
Writer:  Brian Michael Bendis
Artist:  David Marquez
Price:  $3.99


Miles Morales returns in a new series by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez. For those of you who have never read an “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic before, Peter Parker was shot and killed by Norman Osborn in the “ultimate” universe. It was then Miles’s duty to become the new Spider-Man. Towards the end of the last series, a team composed of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Cloak and Dagger, and Bombshell stopped the mighty Galactus from destroying New Jersey. Miles then revealed to his father that he was Spider-Man. His father proceeded to blame him for his mother’s death and disowned Miles.

With S.H.IE.L.D being shut down, the new series starts off with Norman Osborn being transferred to a federal prison. On the way to the federal prison, the convoy truck explodes, with the Ultimate Green Goblin rising from the flames. Two other villains were revealed in this first issue as well – a couple of burglars dressed in what looks like futuristic Spider-Man armor robbing a truck with unknown cargo.

The rest of the story follows Miles through his ongoing conflicts of both finding his father and deciding if he should reveal his secret identity to his girlfriend, Katie Bishop. Miles then goes to Peter Parker’s widowed girlfriend, Mary Jane, for advice. I enjoyed the scene with Miles and MJ; she taught him a very valuable lesson about being Spider-Man and it even brought back some past memories with her and Peter. With his mind made up, Miles stops by his old apartment to look for his father. While searching the rooms, Miles finds an unexpected visitor in his apartment, who just so happens to be the one and only Peter Parker!

I really enjoyed the art style by David Marquez. The comic had a realistic feel to it, with great use of shading and detail. Marquez’s style is crisp and clear, a perfect choice for such a highly anticipated comic.

The aspect of the comic that I did not like was the lack of action involving Miles. The only fight scene in the issue was with the two burglars beating up security guards. One fight with Spider-Man would have sufficed, perhaps making it a livelier read for new comers to the series.

It seems that Peter Parker is making a comeback in every form of Spidey entertainment this month. The conclusion of this issue was very surprising now that Peter Parker is resurrected from the dead. I’m interested in continuing the series to see how he was brought back to life and what role he will play in the story. Is it the real Peter Parker? Will he join Miles in fighting crime? Only time will tell.

Written by: Zack Myers

+ Great cinematic art
+ The struggles of Miles
+ Villains!

– Slow paced, needed a little more action


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