TV: Attack on Titan Ep. 1&2 – English Dub

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As soon as I saw the “TV14” in the corner of the screen I began to put up my guard. While not every anime should receive the “MA” rating, Attack on Titan is definitely one that should have. Be ready to hear many familiar voices in the English dub; Funimation, the company in charge of the English dub, relies heavily on the same voice actors as it has for every other anime they’ve dubbed in recent years. The scripting of the English dub has been botched, giving us viewers at least one or two moments of “cringe” in each episode.

In the original anime, our cast of characters was much different than what we are presented with in the Dub version. Originally, Eren was a boy with a quick temper, morbid curiosity, and strong passion. However, in the dub, that passion comes off more as whining and naivety. The voice actress for Mikasa does not fit the character at all. Mikasa sounds weak and shaky, where in reality she is supposed to be the strongest of the three main characters. She is also turned into a sarcastic character. There are sarcastic characters in Attack on Titan, but Mikasa was not intended to be one of them.

Another example of poor script writing is Armin. While the actual voice actor for Armin is not bad, the scripting transforms him into a character that is condescending towards others. This is a poor choice of writing. In the beginning, Armin is supposed to be meek while harboring self-hatred, due to the feeling that he can’t make a difference.

But what about the English dub scripting for the supporting characters, you ask? It’s even worse. There are many scenes that the original supporting cast pulled off extremely well, but this new cast makes you feel like they were chosen based on how cheaply they could be hired to play the part.
While not every character needs to be phenomenal, it would have been nice if there were at least one or two examples where the dub shined; unfortunately this is not so.

Overall, while the Attack on Titan dub is far from the worst dub I’ve ever heard, it still falls short of average due to bad voice casting and scripting that almost completely rewrites scenes and characters. If you absolutely cannot stand reading subtitles, then I would say go ahead and watch it, but for those who want the better experience of the two, I highly recommend watching the original sub.

Written by: Alex Hunter




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