Comic Book Review: Nightcrawler #2

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Todd Nauck
Price: $3.99


The battle with Trimega continues in another great issue of Nightcrawler #2. For those of you who missed the debut issue, here is a quick recap.

Nightcrawler returns from the dead and reunites with his old X-Men friends. He then visits the love of his life, Amanda Sefton. After their first encounter with Trimega, Nightcrawler and Amanda worry for the safety of the mother who adopted them, Sorceress Margall, as they hope that she can give them some answers about Trimega.


Issue #2 starts with Nightcrawler and Amanda entering their hometown of Winzeldorf, Bavaria. A quick flashback shows that Sorceress Margall adopted Nightcrawler and Amanda into a circus family. The two became very good friends and eventually fell in love. In search for their mother, they returned to the circus they once called home.


Instead of a warm welcome, Nightcrawler and Amanda find themselves under attack. Their old friends mistook them for frauds, leading to an exciting, action-packed fight. Eventually their old pals come to their senses, realizing that this is indeed the real Nightcrawler and Amanda. They reunite with their mother, but not for long, as Trimega returns for another round that will be continued in the next issue.


This issue was an entertaining read. It explained the origin of Nightcrawler and Amanda, and even had some intense action scenes. Nightcrawler’s minions, called “Bamfs”, provide some good humor while causing mischief throughout the issue. The only problem I had with this issue was that there was little progression of the story. The current mission was for Nightcrawler and Amanda to find their mother and try and get information about Trimega. They finally find their mother at the end of the issue, and without any major conversation between them, Trimega abruptly returns for another fight.

The cover of this issue would make anyone want to pick it up. Artist Jamie McKelvie did a fantastic job creating a dark, minimalistic cover. Who wouldn’t want to pick up a comic that shows big pink letters spelling “BAMF” behind Nightcrawler? Though “Bamf” is the sound whenever Nightcrawler teleports, that’s not everyone’s first thought when glancing at the cover. I also enjoyed the artwork by Todd Nauck and color artist Rachelle Rosenberg. The comic is great to look at, with a different arrangement of panels on every page, preventing the reader from becoming bored. Whenever spells or superpowers are cast, the colors pop out at you.

Nightcrawler #2 was a great second issue to the series. The origin of Nightcrawler was a nice addition as well as the intense fight scene with his former circus partners. Though this issue lacked story progression, it still made for an entertaining read.

Written by: Zack Myers

+Great cover art

+Cool fight scenes

+Origin of Nightcrawler

-lack of story progression


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