Top 5 Godzilla Monsters

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There are plenty of awesome monsters throughout the Godzilla series, but which ones are the absolute best? This is a list of the top world-stomping, fire-breathing, crazy-looking monsters from the beloved Godzilla films.


Whether you call him Ghidrah, Ghidorah, King Ghidorah or even Monster Zero, we all call him awesome. He’s a gold-bodied, three headed dragon that can fly and shoot lightning from all three heads. King Ghidorah has been in some of the best Godzilla movies including Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah – my personal favorite.


Every Godzilla movie featuring Mechagodzilla is fantastic. He’s a robot that can not only fly but shoot missiles, lasers, and an absolute-zero ice beam that can freeze a line of skyscrapers. Out of his three designs, his design in Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla is the best by far. In this film, the military takes the bones of the first Godzilla from the 1950’s movie and use them to create Mechagodzilla. When people think about Godzilla, Mechagodzilla is usually the first villain that comes to mind, and for good reason. His movies are phenomenal and he fights like a champ.


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah is one of the best Godzilla movies ever made. Destoroyah is a dark red, giant demon-like creature. He can fly and shoot an energy beam out of his mouth made out of the oxygen destroyer from the original Godzilla movie. Before becoming Destoroyah, he is a bunch of smaller creatures that eat a bunch of people in a science lab. Once they get bigger, they fight Godzilla’s son, but they are defeated. Once they combine to become Destoroyah, they beat the living piss out of Godzilla junior and get some decent shots in on Godzilla as well. What I really like about Destoroyah is his sheer power. If the military didn’t intervene to kill Destoroyah, he very well could have killed Godzilla. I would make the argument that he is Godzilla’s strongest foe, but until he gets another movie, we’ll never know for sure.


How can you go wrong with a giant monster that has a laser-shooting visor like Cyclops, sharp hook hands and a buzz-saw chest? Gigan has been in some of the worst Godzilla films, but he was also one of the main villains in Godzilla: Final Wars, in which he received a new design with twin chainsaw hands, darker colors and metal all along his back. Gigan also has one of the most badass deaths in the history of Godzilla movies. During his fight with Mothra in Godzilla: Final Wars, he ignites Mothra and sends her flying. Just when you think it’s over, a flame-charged Motha tackles Gigan and they both explode.


Although Mothra may not be the most physically menacing monster Godzilla has ever faced, she has played a major part in some of the best Godzilla movies. The biggest downside to Mothra is the two pocket-sized twin Japanese girls that follow her around everywhere to sing her praises. I often have dreams involving twin Japanese girls, but they certainly don’t talk to me about giant moths. In Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, people sing a song to try and get Mothra to wake-up and save them from the sea monster. The song gets annoying after 30 seconds, but it lasts for about 15 minutes. Aside from all the singing, Mothra has had some epic moments. The previously mentioned battle between Mothra and Gigan in Godzilla: Final Wars is indeed one of Mothra’s finest moments.

Written by: Jacob Yothment


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