Video Game: Titanfall Expedition DLC Review

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Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Publisher: EA

Systems: PC/Xbox One/ Xbox 360(Available at a later date)

Price: $10 standalone, $25 season pass

Size: 1.92 GB (Requires Update 3 @ ~ 1GB)


Expedition marks the first DLC for Titanfall and the first ever DLC for the freshman developer, Respawn Entertainment. Expedition includes three brand new maps: Swampland, Runoff, and War Games.

The first match I played was Last Titan Standing on Swampland. This map was “discovered” when IMC construction unearthed ancient ruins. It’s also the first map in the game that doesn’t have an urban setting. The first thing that struck me was the audio track. The audio was filled with sounds of the jungle, such as birds and cicadas, which added a great atmosphere. Trees reach up to the sky and restrict passageways, narrowing corridors and limiting titan movement. The trees and buildings aid in creating some of the most complex lines of sight we have seen in the game thus far. Swampland features a large hill near the center that becomes a focal part of every LTS match. The ancient building and unique color palate give this map an excellent feeling that is refreshing for a game full of blues, grays, and browns.



Runoff was next, and we played a match of Attrition here. Runoff is based on a “vital water treatment facility” that the militia is trying to recover from the IMC. This is the most vertically based map within the game, even more so than Nexus. There is a “3-lane” system in which the main level is also the ground level, complete with a network of ditches that run underneath the map and many tall buildings that can all be scaled. The map is smaller than Nexus but allows the mobility and building jumping of Angel City. This makes for a fast paced map with unique parkour routes. The lowest level of the map allows for quick travel across the map, but leaves you vulnerable to fire from above. Visually, this map adds nothing. It’s a typical Titanfall map with a brown color palate.

We played Pilot Hunter on the final map, War Games. This map instantly became my favorite in the game. There is no drop ship intro, instead you sit in a simulation pod and the map loads up. The entire map is just a simulation. The colors are gorgeous, and colors from every map can be found here. Actually, structures from just about every map can be found here. I saw trees from Angel City, buildings from Rise, white rooms that remind me of Corporate. This map has everything. Best of all, when you kill an enemy (besides titans), their bodies disintegrate into virtual dust of tiny blue blocks and electricity. Visually, this is by far the best looking map of the pack and probably of the game. It seamlessly transforms from the gritty, dirty feeling of Smuggler’s Cove into an ultra-futuristic, Tron-feeling all white room with brilliant white glowing corners that provide light for the room. The parkour here is easy; one of my first wall runs took me from one end of the map to the other. This is what Titanfall is supposed to feel like.



At $10, however, it does leave me wanting. Even though it’s rare to get a map pack where each map is this good, it’s still only three maps. In today’s age where the standard map pack contains 5 maps, new weapons, and new game modes for a similar price, I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth. That shouldn’t stop you from buying this pack, but it may keep you from spending the $25 for the season pass.

Written by: Austin Meyer

+ Only pack I’ve ever bought that only contained great maps.

+ War Games and Swampland add unique design to the game that is refreshing and fun.

– $10 for three maps doesn’t offer the bang-for-your-buck other DLC provide.

– No coherent theme.


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