Comic Review: Action Comics #31

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DC Comics

Writer: Greg Pak
Author: Aaron Kuder
Price: 3.99

After the shocking events of Superman: Doomed #1, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder begin the first part of the Superman: Infected crossover. You’ll need to read Superman: Doomed before reading this issue in order to understand what’s going on. WARNING! If you have not read Superman: Doomed then read this review at your own risk…there are some SPOILERS ahead.

After ripping Doomsday literally in half, Supes isn’t feeling like himself and he’s trying to figure out why. Instead of trying to discover what is wrong, Superman lets Batman and Wonder Woman take responsibility while he decides to sulk in his apartment. Superman chooses to go in hiding from the rest of the world because he is beginning to have violent thoughts and urges. These uncharacteristic violent moods lead to Superman hurting those he loves.

One of the greatest aspects of Pak’s run on Action Comics is the relationship between Lana and Clark. They are great friends who work well together rather than being in love with each other. They have great chemistry. Lana is much more than a damsel in distress while having a bit of an attitude that doesn’t make her annoying or unlikeable (which is more than we can say for Lois right now). Lana completely trusts in what Clark is doing and will help him whenever she can. Pak really shows that their relationship has evolved into a great friendship.

Kuder’s art on Action Comics is nothing less than stellar. His style differs from the heavily detailed design that many other artists seem to be using.

The only problem I have with this issue is that you have to read Superman: Doomed to figure out what is going on. Pak makes the most out of his part of the crossover, leaving me wishing that he would write the entire Doomed storyline.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ Kuder and Pak have great chemistry

+ The issue ends on a high note


– Pak should be in charge of the entire crossover


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