Comic Review: Deadpool #28

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Scott Koblish
Price: $2.99

Everybody’s favorite degenerate regenerate, the merc with the mouth, the crimson comedian, Wade Winston Wilson aka Deadpool finds himself within another wacky happenstance in this issue. After his recent marriage to Shicklah, an ancient Queen of the Undead, Deadpool knocks his new wife unconscious and the two fly to Japan (how romantic!).

The comic begins with Deadpool and Shiklah walking around the bustling streets of Japan. Deadpool has only packed one briefcase, whose contents are shrouded in mystery (what we do learn though is that it may or may not be a change of undies). Two Japanese orphans with demonic, magic Pokemon cards use their powers of being extremely stereotypically Japanese to summon giant stereotypically Japanese monsters. The kids use their Pikachu nightmare monsters to steal Deadpool’s briefcase with ease, under the pretense that the briefcase and its contents will make them rich.

Essentially 16 additional pages consist of a wacky game of cat and mouse starring the Japanese orphans and some other nonsensical Japanese characters that are all after this mysterious briefcase. Ultimately Deadpool and Shiklah (mostly Shiklah) defeat the crooks and we’re met with none other than your friendly neighborhood North Korean Nightcrawler/Deadpool clone refugee – Kim! Kim is handed the briefcase and exclaims, “You have no idea how much this means to me, the good I can achieve for my people”.

The art is great, it’s unlike the art that we’ve gotten used to in earlier issues. The pages are busy and the colors are on the pastel side.

If you’re looking for an issue filled with wise cracks, borderline offensive jokes, and the typical Deadpool slapstick humor, you won’t find it here. I felt like I was forcing myself to read the next page while there was nothing very funny about anything. Also, the pop culture references were forced and irrelevant. In addition to this, Deadpool feels a bit empty without his white-box, yellow-box routine (the additional voices in his head).

Overall, the art has a different feel from earlier issues which I think is a fine change of pace due to the fact that we’re heading into a new story arc. Was this issue worth reading? Meh, you can honestly skip it and be just fine next issue.

Written by: Cecelia Betson

+ Deadpool and Shiklah were cute

+ Interesting art

+ Appearance by Kim

– Minimal laughs

– The plot gets really old really fast

– A whole lot of nothing happens


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