Comic Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #8

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Price: 3.99

After the events in the last issue of the Infected crossover (Action Comics #31), Supes is feeling even less like himself and decides to lock himself into his room while trying to figure out what to do. Superman tries to “figure things out” by sulking in his room while making inappropriate phone calls to people and going all “roid-rage” on his loved ones.

Meanwhile, Batman and Wonder Woman continue their search of trying to find out what’s wrong with Clark. They discover that Superman inhaled the pores of Doomsday, in an attempt to prevent the monster from resurrecting. This proved to be an incredibly stupid idea for Clark, as he is now turning more and more into Doomsday.

The art by Tony Daniel is very good, complete with many splash pages. Daniel draws an amazing Wonder Woman, but unfortunately, not even his good pencils can save this book from the lackluster storyline.

This issue doesn’t rely too much on action, and instead acts as a recap of what you might have missed if you are not caught up on the issues of Superman/Wonder Woman.   A good chunk of the issue recaps what happened to Clark’s job at the Daily Planet and what he did to get his job back while ruining his relationship with Cat Grant. Normally Cat Grant is a character I enjoyed reading during the 80s and 90s run, but in the New 52, she is completely obnoxious and prefers to run a blog than write a newspaper.

They finally figure out a cure to fix Superman’s ailment of the Doomsday virus, but the cure is completely idiotic. I know the writers are trying to quickly finish this crossover in only four issues while trying to undo the damage that Lobdell did during his run, but I expected a better ending than this. I normally enjoy reading anything that Charles Soule has worked on; he even did the impossible by taking one of my least favorite books (Red Lanterns) and turning it into a great series. Unfortunately, since Charles Soule writes up to 8 books a month while managing a law firm, it seems as though he may have been too busy to think of a better story for this issue.

While I didn’t enjoy the writing in this issue, the suspense is great because of what Clark is turning into and how afraid he is. And while it makes for an entertaining read, it doesn’t really feel like something Clark would do, making him seem stupid and useless.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ Tony Daniel delivers on the art.

– Soule is better than this.

– I don’t think Superman would sulk in his room if something was wrong with him.

– The cure


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