Comic Review: Futures End #2

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, Dan Jurgens, Keith Griffen
Artist: Dan Green, Jesus Merino
Price: 2.99

One of the craziest books on the market gets even crazier as our heroes have to deal with the death of one of DC Universe’s greatest heroes, Green Arrow, who meets his untimely end in the not so distant future. The majority of this issue fleshes out the rest of the main characters in the series as well as asking more questions such as: what happened to Batman and Superman in the future?, what is really going on with Mister Terrific?, and lastly, how does Lois Lane tie into the whole equation? Something tells me that it’s going to be a while before we get answers, but I’m not upset about that at all.

This issue takes place during the funeral of Green Arrow, who died in an explosion in the previous issue. Animal Man gives a touching tribute towards Oliver Queen, explaining what he stood for, starting with the end of Forever Evil and his time with the Justice League United. Even though I was extremely upset with Green Arrow dying in the last issue, the great speech by Animal Man, written by Jeff Lemire, shows how heroes should be celebrated while making sure that Oliver gets the tribute he deserved.

The art by Dan Green and Jesus Merino complement Lemire’s dialogue, giving the funeral scene a dark/somber atmosphere that makes the reader feel as though they are actually there.

The remainder of the issue shows the heroes dealing with Firestorm’s negligence, how he wasn’t there when Oliver needed him. All of the other heroes tell Firestorm that he’s not welcome anymore. Lemire also uses this scene as a great message that even heroes have problems that they need to deal with and even they have flaws.

The writers are still trying to establish all of the characters that we are going to see later on in the series, but it’s already starting to feel like there are way too many characters. I’m hoping that DC doesn’t pull another Countdown, a story in which ideas were abandoned left and right. Also, what the heck happened to Stormwatch, are they officially dead after one issue? Right now we have three issues (counting #0) and two official deaths. You can expect the rest of my reviews for Futures End to have a death count.

Overall, this is a great issue with some fantastic character development and a touching tribute to one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe. Every issue of this series is getting better and I hope it stays that way.

 Written by: Cory Robinson

+Animal Man’s speech justifies Green Arrows death

+Jeff Lemire can write the heck out of Animal Man and Green Arrow


– With four different writers, the quality of the book is sure to drop



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