Comic Review: Justice League United #1

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mike McKone
Price: 3.99

Jeff Lemire and Mike Mckone deliver the second issue to the sequel of the (soon to be completed) Justice League of America series. I’m a huge Lemire fan, but his team based books usually take a while for the characters to be developed. Fortunately, he manages to establish these characters in only two issues of this series.

The issue begins with Lobo getting ready to confront Hawkman. It’s worth a mention that Lemire updates Lobo’s origin in this issue. Lobo and Hawkman go toe to toe in the spacecraft, picking up right where the last issue left off.

Meanwhile, the JLU are fighting a creature called The Unimaginable as Adam Strange falls down a hole in which he discovers a costume that will help him to become a hero himself. It’s interesting how Strange’s origin story is tweaked, making him feel more like the DC version of the Rocketeer instead of a space explorer. It’s not a bad origin, and I would like to see what Lemire can do with the character.

One of the best things about the book is the chemistry between the characters and how they work well with each other, actually working like a team. These guys have great respect for one another and they want to work together to save the world. It’s not about the egos; it’s about getting the job done without one person trying to upstage the other. Lemire does such a great job on getting you to root for these B and C list characters.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Great dynamic between each team member.

+Lemire’s writing and Mckone’s art work well with one another.

+Lemire might bring some respect to Adam Strange

+All of the characters feel developed

-Since Justice League of America hasn’t ended yet, it feels like I should wait for that book to come out before I should continue reading.

-Lemire is holding back due to the delay of the Forever Evil Conclusion.


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