Video Game: Outlast Whistleblower DLC Review

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Developer: Red Barrels Games

Publisher: Red Barrels Games

Price: $8.99

Systems: PC/PlayStation 4

Rating: Mature (17+)


Prepare your mind for another dark adventure into the evil and twisted Mount Massive Asylum.  The Outlast Whistleblower DLC takes players back into the Mount Massive Asylum as a software engineer named Waylon Park. The DLC serves as a prequel to the original game, but also explains the fate of Mount Massive and Murkoff Corporation, making it a sequel at the same time. Throughout the game, players will experience new and old enemies while discovering many secrets of the asylum.

Waylon Park works for the Murkoff Corporation before the events that took place in the original Outlast game. After his employer, Jeremy Blaire, discovers that Waylon is leaking information about the corruption of Mount Massive, Blaire proceeds to force Waylon into undergoing the tests of the Morphogenic Engine. During the tests, the Walrider attacks the lab, giving Waylon a chance to escape. Picking up a camcorder to videotape evidence, Waylon begins his journey to exit the Mount Massive Asylum.

The gameplay is identical to that of the original game, with running away and hiding from lunatics as your only defense. The DLC is just as terrifying and disturbing as Outlast was, if not more. Many times while playing the game, I found myself jumping out of my seat or refusing to move into other rooms so I wouldn’t have a heart attack. The game does a fantastic job building up suspense, tormenting the mind of the player so they would be afraid to turn every corner. The collectables are also identical. Players can videotape disturbing moments during the game to unlock personal notes Waylon writes to himself and his wife about his experience at Mount Massive.  There are also classified documents to be collected throughout the asylum that will disclose information about certain patients and what the Murkoff Corporation is trying to hide.

Graphics wise, I did notice some improvements. More detail was added to the environment and to the characters of the game.  From the deformed inmates attempting to kill you to the mutilated bodies you’ll find along the way, the game looks great. The soundtrack of the game plays a major role in frightening the player as well. The music tends to fool the player at parts of the game making them think something will jump out at them any minute, but then nothing happens, keeping them scared throughout the whole game.

For the first half of the game, one specific enemy is determined to kill you (then eat you), and chases you around the asylum with a handheld mechanical surgical saw. He was by far one of the most horrific enemies in the DLC, if not the entire series. Hearing the piercing noise of him revving up the surgical saw in a pitch-dark room would send shivers down anyone’s spine. Towards the middle of the game however, you manage to escape from him and he is not seen for the rest of the game. He seems to just give up on chasing you down, which was disappointing.

There were times were I would find myself lost because I would miss a ledge to climb or the area was simply too dark, even with the night vision on the camcorder.

For a DLC under ten dollars, you really get your money’s worth.  Whistleblower sheds some light on what happens to Murkoff Corporation and Mount Massive after the events of the first Outlast game, and it also tells the story how Outlast began. The main enemies of this DLC were terrifying in their own way and the game was more violent this time around. For fans of Outlast, this will be a great addition to the series. For those who are not interested in the story and are looking for an entertaining horror survival game, this could get the job done as well.

 Written by:  Zack Myers

+ Violence, violence, and more violence
+ Super Scary moments
+ Great main villains
+ Affordable

– Frequently getting lost
– Unexplained disappearance of some villains


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