Comic Review: Batman/Superman #11

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Karl Kerschl, Tom Derenick, Daniel Sampere
Price: 3.99

Here’s the issue that surprised everybody as it’s the fourth part of the Doomed crossover when in fact that honor was supposed to go to Superman #31. Picking up right after the events of Superman/Wonder Woman #8, Batman and Wonder Woman decide to go to the phantom zone to find out more information on how Doomsday escaped while hopefully finding a cure for Superman. The issue begins with a news report about Superman missing for several weeks with a theory of Superman turning into a Doomsday-like creature. How does everybody know that Superman is infected? It’s never explained but EVERYBODY now knows, including all of the villains in the phantom zone. How do the villains find out this information? THEY CAN”T LEAVE THE PHANTOM ZONE!!!!

Superman’s name is in the title, but he’s not actually in the issue. The closest we get to seeing him is an artist’s rendering of him turning into Doomsday. Even though Clark just willed away the Doomsday virus, Batman thinks it’s still in him. He goes with Wonder Woman to find a cure in the phantom zone, but they are welcomed by the many villains who have been trapped there. If you’ve never read Batman/Superman, you are going to be completely lost here as they repeatedly mention their past battles with Mongul in the phantom zone.

If there was ever a padded issue in this crossover, this is it. Although it’s interesting to see a bunch of Superman villains get the spotlight, the issue isn’t really important to the Doomed crossover event. However, this issue is a necessity if you are an avid reader of Batman/Superman as Greg Pak and company make the issue feel like an official epilogue to the storyline involving Mongul.


Jae Lee unfortunately sat out on art duties this issue, which leaves us with some copycat artwork by Tom Derenick, Karl Kerschl, and Daniel Sampere.

Batman/Superman #11 felt really rushed and unnecessary to the Superman:Doomed story arc. Oh yeah, and what ever happened to that Selina Kyle backstory that was supposed to be in this issue?

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ If you wanted to know more about the inhabitants of the phantom zone, well here you go.

+ Ties up the previous storyline

+ Great dynamic between Batman and Wonder Woman

– Jae Lee copycats

– Not an important addition to the Doomed crossover

– Why isn’t Superman in this?


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