Comic Review: Thor: God of Thunder #22

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Marvel Comics
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Esad Ribic
Price: $3.99

Thor returns in this issue to put a stop to Galactus, Roxxon Corp., and now trolls. The epic tale continues as the comic follows two different stories of Thor: one following King Thor fighting Galactus, and the other as the present day Thor battling against the Roxxon Corp.

King Thor’s granddaughters are still fighting Galactus after King Thor was blasted into space many light years away. After King Thor wakes up, he races towards something, but not towards Earth. The story then switches to present day where Thor and Agent Solomon are investigating sinkholes that have been emerging in Broxton. Agent Solomon falls into one, discovering that there are trolls dwelling underneath, and they aren’t friendly. Even though he was legally restricted from entering Broxton, Thor confronts Roxxon CEO Dario Agger about shutting down Roxxon for good. Dario gets angry and transforms into The Minotaur for a battle to be seen in the next issue. The comic ends with King Thor reaching into a black hole to equip “All-Black the Necrosword”, once wielded by the God Butcher.

Story-wise, the comic was good. Aaron does a good job keeping the reader thinking about what Roxxon actually does in the future. Is Roxxon Corp. the main cause as to why the Earth is a barren wasteland in King Thor’s part of the story? I really like that Galactus is a main villain, but the other villain I’m not really a fan of. Watching King Thor battle Galactus over the existence of Earth is the definition of an epic battle most Thor comics are known for, but having a CEO of a major company randomly turning into a Minotaur is just…weird. Compared to the villain in the last series, the God Butcher, who literally killed almost EVERY God, the Minotaur just doesn’t seem to fit.

I was torn when it came to Ribic’s artwork. Some of the illustrations for the fighting scenes are done very well. You can see every detail of force being used whenever Thor strikes with Mjolnir, as veins pop out of his muscular arms. On the other hand, most of the facial expressions for the characters make them look awkward or like blow up dolls.

This issue isn’t at all terrible; the epic fight with Galactus makes up for the unfitting villain that is the Minotaur. I enjoy the artwork, but at times it can be a little weird to look at. The next issue is the conclusion of the five-part series and I’m excited to see how the battle ends with King Thor and Galactus, and the Minotaur too…I guess.

Written by:  Zack Myers

+King Thor and Galactus = Epic Fight
+Tells two interesting stories of Thor

-The art gives characters awkward facial expressions at times
-The Minotaur feels like a worthless villain


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