Comic Review: Justice League #30

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke, Scott Hanna
Price: $3.99


After nearly a two month wait, the final part to Forever Evil finally hits the shelves this weekend, but does it live up to the incredibly ridiculous hype? Since the book was delayed for so long it was never going to live up to expectations. There have been many speculations on why the book was delayed for such a lengthy period of time, most of it surrounds the various heads of DC Comics being disappointed with the outcome. This issue feels like the unofficial eighth part of Forever Evil as it deals with the aftermath of Lex Luthor finally becoming one of the good guys while trying to make it as an official member of the Justice League.

If you haven’t read Forever Evil #7, stop reading this review right now and pick it up as many of the topics that will be talked about take place right after the issue. The first few pages of Justice League #30 are enough to spoil the ending of Forever Evil #7.

The Justice League is tallying up all of the heroes and villains that are missing after the events of Forever Evil. A majority of the issue tries to tie up any loose ends that were left hanging from the other tie-ins, except Batman vs. Bane, which was the only official aftermath book to come out. The issue feels more like an answer to the editorial department who asked way too many questions about characters that really didn’t need that much involvement to begin with.

After Lex Luthor and the villains save the day, the heroes decide to wipe the villains’ slate clean, giving them the opportunity to do whatever they desire. The ship between Selina and Bruce has sailed, so throughout the issue, all we get is speculation on what Selina will do next. The majority of the issue deals with Luthor wanting to be a member of the Justice League while supposedly turning a new leaf to the public eye. The greatest aspect of this issue deals with how Clark is now forced to write fluff pieces about Lex Luthor. It kills Clark that such an evil, loathing person is now considered a hero. Just when you think when Lex Luthor is finally one of the good guys, the book ends with an expansion of the twist given away in the last few pages of Forever Evil #7.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+It pretty much ties up the rest of Forever Evil.
+Great art by Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke
+The new relationship between Luthor and Kent is great.

 -You NEED to read this book after Forever Evil #7
-Are we seriously not going to address the elephant in the room named Dick Grayson?
-Bruce Wayne is Batman? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!


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