Comic Review: Batman and Frankenstein #31

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Artist: Doug Mahnke
Price: $2.99

Batman’s got a lot of issues lately. He’s still reeling over the death of Damian while trying to stop Ra’s Al Ghul from resurrecting his son from the dead. Batman decides that he needs the help of Frankenstein, but unfortunately, their last encounter ended with Batman taking Frankenstein apart bit by bit because “he was in a dark place”, those are Batman’s words not mine. Yeah, Batman hasn’t had a great year but that shouldn’t stop Frankenstein from taking revenge.

Ra’s Al Ghul is almost done reaching his lair with Talia and Damian’s body in order to resurrect them both from the dead in his Lazarus pit, even though he vowed in Batman: Incorporated that he would never resurrect Talia (In case you think resurrecting Damian would be a good idea, then you never heard of Red Hood and Jason Todd). Batman knows that Ra’s is heading to his new Lazarus Pit, but his leads grow cold, so he asks Frankenstein for help. Since Batman went crazy during their last encounter, Frankenstein will only agree to help if Batman heeds a specific demand. Something so crazy and impossible that it might be the first time Batman has ever done this: he has to apologize to Frankenstein. You would think that apologizing for tearing someone up limb from limb would be an easy thing to do, but Batman finds a way to make this difficult.

Armed with Bat-Hound, Batman and Frankenstein try to follow a cold trail to find Damian’s body so he could give him a proper burial, but can he make it in time? The issue ends with a cliffhanger, and since the issue feels short, the book feels unfulfilled and it leaves you wanting more.

Tomasi has been doing a great job on this series, and normally I prefer to see Pat Gleason there right along with him, but Doug Mahnke is a perfect substitute. He is a great artist who helped design Grant Morrison’s concept of Frankenstein. I hope that Mahnke and Tomasi do something soon again in the future; they seem to work well together. If you’re interested in reading Robin: Rising, then you should probably read this issue. The Batman and Robin series is starting to read like a prelude to the resurrection of Damian or another Robin.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Tomasi and Mahnke work well with each other.
+Who doesn’t love Frankenstein?

-The issue feels too short.
– Batman’s “dark place”
-The ending feels like a cop-out and makes the issue feel unimportant.


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