Comic Review: Nightwing #30

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DC Comics
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Javier Garron, Jorge Lucas, Mikel Janin, Guillermo Ortego
Price: $3.99

The last issue of Nightwing has been releas…… no wait, technically Nightwing #29 was the last issue as this one is supposedly the “stepping stone” for the upcoming series, Grayson. So anyway, this issue is brought to you courtesy of Kyle Higg… sorry, he was told to leave the book. This issue is brought to you by James Tyni…..never mind, he was taken off the book at the last minute. The Nightwing #30 that came to comic shelves this week is brought to you by Tim Seeley and Mikel Jankin and a bunch of other artists.

The issue begins in the Congo where Dr. Leslie Thompkins tells a story to Batman about taking care of sick children until she is kidnapped by Spyral, a super-secret evil organization straight from a cheesy 70s “Bond” film. The organization that led the attack is headed by Helena Bertinelli, who is now black and wears a Bane mask, similar to that of The Dark Knight Rises, and wears clothes that end up looking like crosses. Dr. Thompkins gets kidnapped in a room that has something like a robotic spider in it, and she ends up thinking that she was drugged. Dr. Thompkins fears that she knows who Batman is, so she shares that information with Batman himself. If that’s true, wouldn’t anyone be able to figure out who Batman was, and how would she figure it out anyway?

This causes Batman to lose his shit and start a fistfight with Dick Grayson in order to find out if he’s “truly alive”. You see, Batman is really pissed about Dick getting captured and literally dying in front of him, so you would think they would put everything bad behind them and sort everything out, but instead Bruce decides to kick the living crap out of Dick. Batman forces him to kill off his identity and join Spyral so that he can infiltrate the corporation in order to find out what they know about Bruce and the rest of the bat-family. Dick knows that he can no longer be Nightwing, but to have him kill off his identity and give up everything just to settle Bruce’s bat-paranoia is extremely selfish.

The fight scene wants to be epic, but the art is absolutely terrible in this part of the book. The dialogue doesn’t make any sense as both characters repeat the same words over and over again. Dick finally gets the best of Bruce, but he still agrees to Bruce’s plan.

This issue is REALLY BAD. If you had any love of Nightwing, then just read Kyle Higgins’ run on the book instead as this issue reads more like Grayson #0 than Nightwing #30. Seeley is normally a good writer, but this issue is too muddled and confusing. Also, with the exception of Mikel Janin, the other last minute artists don’t mix well with Seeley’s style.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Mikel Janin’s art

-You’ll really wish that Dick Grayson died
-The Grayson series is already ruined 


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