Comic Review: Suicide Squad #30

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DC Comics
Writer: Sean Ryan
Artist: Ruy Jose, Ig Guara
Price: $3.99

In the spirit of Nightwing #30, we’re treated to an issue that’s close to two months overdue and feels more like a zero issue to a new series rather than a conclusion. The issue begins after all of the chaos brought by the crime syndicate, leaving Amanda Waller in some pretty deep water. And who wouldn’t blame her, as she lost all control of the Suicide Squad and pretty much led a mission that was deemed a complete failure.

The majority of the issue involves Amanda Waller going through different levels of secret service getting insult after insult until they realize that even with the Suicide Squad failure they still receive a positive response from the public. This gives Waller another chance with “Task Force X”. It’s upsetting how Amanda Waller is treated in The New 52 as it feels that she doesn’t have a backbone anymore. Before the reboot, she was one of the most feared villains in the DCU because she had power and she wasn’t afraid to use it. She was someone who would do anything to get her way, even striking fear into the hearts of super heroes.

Another part of the issue deals with Black Manta having a hard time dealing with civilian life after he is given full pardon for saving the Justice League from the Crime Syndicate. He realizes that civilian life isn’t for him, so he finds other methods to entertain himself. Meanwhile, Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot got a bum deal, already getting sent back to prison. We also get a chance to meet some new villains but unfortunately, they aren’t used to their full potential and the issue instead focuses on Waller, Deadshot and Black Manta.

This issue builds up a new Suicide Squad that has more governmental control while virtually giving Amanda Waller almost no power to control her new team. This might make things interesting, having a more controlled team might make for fewer shenanigans on a team that is SUPPOSED to be in secret. The only problem I had with this story is that it never flushes out the rest of the new characters, meaning that it’s going to take six issues of the new title to establish them if we go by the plot of this issue. Writer Sean Ryan did a very good job with this issue while giving more back story to some of the main characters, so I hope to see him on the future title…as long as nothing stupid happens on DC’s part.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Great creative team
+It leaves a logical conclusion to a different structured team.
+It’s actually an aftermath issue that makes sense.

-Make Amanda Waller a good character, it’s been done before!!!!!
-Doesn’t feature all of the Suicide Squad



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