Comic Review: Superman #31

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Ed Benes
Price: $2.99

We’re four parts into the Superman: Infected crossover and the only thing I’m asking is how long is this going to last? I was under the impression that it was only going to be one month long with only four issues including the Superman: Doomed one shot, but we’re already five issues in and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. The story takes place after the events of Batman/Superman.

Even though Superman sort of willed Doomsday away in his mind, he’s not fully rid of him and the rocky facial features that Superman is growing seems to be coming and going depending on the artist. After the events of Forever Evil, Lex Luthor feels it necessary to cure Superman, but he is hesitant. Superman instead asks for Lois to come see him. Their conversation doesn’t get very far as the Braniac virus that infected Lois way back in Superman Annual #2 and was supposedly cured, takes over Lois’ body while turning her into a She-Hulk who commands Clark to go out and be a hero.

The other heroes concur that there is no way to subdue Clark anymore as he has grown too powerful in his Doomsday form. Plus, he has evolved to the point of releasing pores into the air that can absorb energy from human beings as well as machines. This literally makes no sense. After Lois becomes She-Hulk, she commands Clark to fly and help the Teen Titans (who I thought were no longer around!).

The writing feels so muddled and rushed that the plot of this issue makes little sense. There is zero reference to the last part in the crossover and it seems that this issue was only created to set up a crossover with the Teen Titans, who I might add don’t have a book right now to cross over with. Just when I thought that Superman was on the right track, Lobdell had to reacquaint some of his old ideas into the book, including Lois-Brainiac and Superman’s secret helpers.

You’re not missing much from this issue and the book seems like it’s moving too slow while two issues ago it was moving too fast. You can pick this up if you want, but it doesn’t add much closure to Lobdell’s run.

 Written by: Cory Robinson

+Good art
+ No more Lobdell after this issue

-Superman:Doomed is going to be drawn out for a while with no end in sight

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