Game of Thrones: Mockingbird (Episode 7) Recap

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After taking a break last week, the trail of Tryion Lannister will come to an end in tonight’s episode, The Mountain and the Viper.

The stage has been set, the allegations have been made, the lies have been told, and champions have been chosen. The trail of Tyrion Lannister will end with a fight to the death between Sir Gregor Clegane and Prince Oberyn Martell. Once Cersei chose The Mountian to be her champion, no man would step forward to be a champion for Tyrion, not even his own brother or trusted sell-sword Bronn (who fell into favor with Tyrion by Championing for him once before). However, Gregor Clegane is credited with killing Elia Martell and her children during Robert’s Rebellion, and Oberyn has spent the entirety of the season looking for a way to avenge his sister’s death. The master of poison was excited to be presented with the opportunity to fight (and try to kill) his sister’s murderer.

The other major development from last episode was Littlefinger killing Lady Lysa by pushing her through the moon door in her own keep. Littlefinger is now in a position to steal the Vale from directly under the Aryn’s feet, with no resistance whatsoever. If you have yet to realize that Littlefinger is a major player in the Game of Thrones, try to remember he now controls the single most defensible keep in the entire kingdom, and has effectively kidnapped two heirs to the more powerful regions on the continent.

Dany has finally proven her infatuation with Daario by inviting him to her bed. Her desire of him grows with the more people he kills, so he is sent to Yunkai to kill the slavers that have come back to power.

The hound has suffered a serious wound, but refused treatment from Arya due to his fear of fire.

Brienne has learned that Arya is still alive by finding Arya’s old companion, Hot Pie. She assumes that Arya has made her way to the Vale to be in the safety of her now dead Aunt Lysa. Even though she is now headed in the wrong direction to find Arya, she still may find herself in a position to save Sansa from Littlefinger.

The Mountain and The Viper premiers tonight on HBO.

Written by: Austin Meyer


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