Batman Eternal #1-8 Recap

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DC Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, James Tynion IV
Artist: Various
Price: $2.99

Two months have gone by and Batman: Eternal is just as thrilling as when it first started, with events such as Jim Gordon’s arrest, Batgirl going overboard, Batman having the whole GCPD trailing his ass, or Penguin seeing his whole life and casino sink before his eyes. This is a really exciting book, and there’s a feeling that even crazier things are going to happen. Even though the series is a weekly, I expect the book to lull in some issues, but Scott Snyder and gang seem like the team to make the impossible possible.

Jim Gordon tries to shoot a suspect holding a hostage but the bullet passes right by them and they disappear, the bad news is that Jim hits a cable box which causes a train to topple over, instantly killing many people. He is charged with reckless manslaughter and sentenced to Blackgate Prison where he will spend the rest of his days living in torment with the very same people he helped put away. Barbara is not taking the news very well as she finds out that Professor Pyg was involved in the crime, but later finds out that the thug Jim Gordon was trying to shoot belonged to Carmine Falcone.

It’s not clear what Falcone has in mind, but we do know that he is at war with the Penguin. He blows up the Iceberg Casino, destroying everything that Penguin worked for. Tim Drake on the other hand, tries to find out about the children that were infected by Professor Pyg so he can help cure them. Tim gets attacked and then we find out that Joker’s Daughter might have something to do with the future of Arkham Asylum.

Other villains make an appearance, such as Doctor Phosphorus, Tiger Shark, and Roadrunner, to help round out the book while becoming major threats. It seems as though every issue reads like a detective novel, really getting into Batman’s roots as “the world’s greatest Detective”. I have to applaud Snyder and Co. for making this book about detective work. It seems like every other issue features a new suspect or a new case, and this series has gotten me really invested in the Batverse. I just hope the book can stay this way.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Plethora of lesser known Batman villains
+Great art from a variety of artists
+Focuses on the detective aspect of Batman

-The story moves a little slow at times and some of the cliffhangers are left to be desired.

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