Comic Review: Ms. Marvel #4

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Adrian Alphona
Price: $2.99

Ms. Marvel is a journey into adorableness. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teen conflicted between following her family’s culture and wanting to be “normal”. Now factor in her new super powers that she doesn’t fully understand, and being “normal” will prove harder than ever.

Kamala was shot while stopping a burglary at the Circle Q. Kamala shape shifts back into her real form and we learn that she also has super healing abilities. Despite her super healing, she can no longer shape shift until her wound is totally healed, which was an issue because the police were on their way. Kamala must conceal her identity, so she throws on a sleeping mask and announces herself as Ms. Marvel to the police. You can tell the police are about 500% done with super powered teens at this point.

It’s revealed that Vick, the one who robbed the Circle Q and inadvertently shot Kamala, is Bruno’s little brother and he is royally mixed up in some shady stuff. Kamala insists on helping to find Vick and to get him out of whatever pickle he’s gotten himself into. Vick’s been hanging around some a bad guy named, “The Inventor”. Kamala busts in where Vick’s hiding out, ready to get crap done, but she’s met by a ton of flying bug robots. Kamala completely obliterates the robots, then she meets the Inventor. The comic ends here; the Inventor looks like a gangster-hipster hybrid who somehow became a super villain.

I love, love, love this series so far. We are only four issues in but I haven’t found an aspect of the series that I don’t enjoy. It’s cute and comforting to see a superhero who is not only a geek, but also a girl. More importantly, it’s significant to see a minority as the main protagonist of a series. Represent!

The art is flawless, it’s the exact kind of art that attracts readers – clean pages and faces full of expression. I want to give it a ten out of ten, but it’s still too early to get overly excited for the series, so I’ll give it a nine.

Written by: Cecelia Betson

+Flawless art
+Likable characters
+This is an outstanding series, I swear to Odin


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