Secret Origins #1-2 Recap

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DC Comics
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Price: $2.99

There have been many complaints regarding continuity problems since the start of DC’s New 52. With a ton of the last minute editorial changes, it can get quite difficult to pinpoint the new origin story for your favorite character. One example is Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed that storyline, but I couldn’t understand what was going on unless I read the darn thing at least three times!

DC has solved this problem by giving us Secret Origins, which should be titled “Every confusing question a rabid DC fanboy was afraid to ask.” Each book has a plethora of writers composing three stories in each issue giving three characters their official New 52 origin. Some of the stories have great hindsight and have actually answered plenty of questions that I was confused about before. Others, however, felt like a condensed version of what I already read without bringing anything new to the table. There are moments that are copied straight from the New 52 zero issues.

Fortunately, there is more good than bad as these books are what I call “the New 52 bibles”. I could easily refer a reader to one of these books if they ever had a question about a certain character or were too afraid to start from issue #1. As someone who works in a comic book store, I would highly recommend this series as a jumping on point for anybody wanting to hop on board the New 52.

With that being said, this book might not appeal to the longtime readers of DC Comics. It’s a great idea from DC, but the only problem is that it’s hard to see a book like this doing well in the long run since they will eventually run out of popular characters to write about. The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to start with a certain issue, you can just pick up any issue of the series that comes out and you will get a one and done story. If you haven’t picked up both issues of Secret Origins, do so today.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Many of the industry’s top talents come back to their respective titles to rewrite an origin story.
+It’s a great beginner book for DC readers wanting to get into the mythos.

-Some of the origin stories feel like a condensed version of what we already read.

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