Movie Review: Persona 3 the Movie: Chapter 1, Spring of Birth

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Being a fan of the original games, I was very excited to see that they were making a movie adaptation of the Persona 3 game. However, I was slightly worried that it might be a lazy production similar to how Persona 4: The Animation ended up. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie format turned out.

Fitting an 80 hour game into three 90 minute movies is difficult, so of course there’s a few cuts and changes from the original game. One of which is the lack of focus on the social links. They only throw in a social link cameo or two, which is somewhat disappointing, but also understandable. If they were to include all of them, they would most likely be botched up versions of their original works.

Another change is how Yukari’s feelings toward the MC are justified. In the game, she came off really harsh and annoying. Yukari’s character benefited from this change, as this version of her is even better than that of the source material.

There is also more focus on the relationship between Minato and Junpei, as well Minato’s relationship with Fuuka. While both relationships were good in the original game, the movie gives them extra development early on, which I felt was a nice touch.

A change I did not care for was how unexplained they left Tartarus. The lack of background given about Tartarus may leave people who did not play the game in the dark.

The animation and the soundtrack are great! The animation is amazing from beginning to end. The soundtrack features songs from the game as well as some remixes and original songs by Shoji Meguro.

Even though there have been some minor changes, this is a good watch for both fans of the original game and for newcomers of the series.

Written by: Alex Hunter

+Awesome animation
+Adds to the existing story without breaking canon
+Soundtrack is a cool mix of new and old songs

-Social links that are not part of the main cast of characters have been almost completely removed except for a sparse cameo here and there
-Some things were not explained as well as they were in the game such as shadows, Tartarus, and apathy syndrome


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