Comic Review: Batman Eternal #9

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist: Guillem March
Price: $2.99

Batman’s headed to Hong Kong, and he’s taking some friends from his Incorporated days to find out info on Carmine Falcone. Batman teams up with Jiro to get insider information on why Falcone went to Hong Kong in the first place and why he came back so suddenly. Jiro tells Batman that Falcone was involved in a gang war that ended abruptly, and then Falcone high-tailed it back to Gotham. According to rumor, Falcone was winning the war, but mysteriously pulled out. Batman and Jiro solve the case, mostly with their fists, by punching some ninjas. They run into the mysterious woman from the last issue who has a vendetta against Shen Fang, the leader of the Ghost Dragons who previously went to war with Falcone.

Catwoman is trying to help Batman by waging her own war against Falcone, basically fighting his various goons and trying to steal his money. Things don’t go very well for Catwoman. She gets captured pretty easily and is shown up by Falcone and the police, who tell her how predictable she is while taking her to prison.

Back in Hong Kong, Batman finds out some information from Shen Fang on what really happened during the end of the gang war. The issue ends with the mysterious woman getting a katana through the stomach, while Batman makes a shocking reveal about her identity. The revelation of her identity alone makes this issue worth picking up.

With a ton of shocking events that are definitely taking their toll on the Batman universe, Batman Eternal is a must read. The only problem with the book is that it is very slow paced, even with the big twist at the end of each issue. Unlike The Futures End, the characters aren’t being developed much and it feels like the events in the story are too padded, rather than flowing at a natural pace. This could be due to the fact that there are multiple writers taking over the book in chunks instead of an issue a piece. John Layman did a great job on this issue, but it’s upsetting to know that he’s leaving the book very soon. I still can’t wait to find out what happens next and neither should you.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+Layman and Fabok hit this book out of the park.
+Every book is good, and makes you want to read the next installment of the series.
+This a must read for fans of the Batman Universe.

-Very slow pacing


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