Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #1.2

Comic reviews, Reviews

Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ramon Perez
Price: $3.99

The story continues as readers follow the early days and struggles of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. And when I say struggles, most of the comic is Peter whining and complaining how being Spider-Man sucks and how him and Aunt May are broke. The comic’s saving grace is the appearance of Clash: A new Spider-Man inspired hero whose super powers include using sonic blasts to fly and attack. If it weren’t for Clash being involved, the whole comic would be a Peter Parker sob story.

Peter is struggling with his inner demons while trying to live a normal life as Spider-Man. Whether it’s being broke or life not being fair in general, Peter seems to be complaining about something on every page. He also seems to be very hostile towards everyone, not the Peter Parker we know and love.

Meanwhile, Clayton Cole ends up bribing Spider-Man into a one-on-one fight so Clayton can get closer to his idol, but there was a twist, Clash must win the fight. Spider-Man accepts, but after getting a good beat down, he decides to web up Clash and flee from the battle. Clash then realizes that all Spider-Man cares about is himself and money, and after reading this issue, Clash isn’t wrong.

Ramon Perez’s art style is both good and bad at the same time. I really like the retro look of the comic, the characters and environment seem like they are straight from the first issues of Spider-Man. It just looks odd seeing a 60’s era art style with modern day technology such as laptops, cell phones, and Internet thrown into it, it doesn’t fit.

The series is an interesting read, giving fans a new look on the origin of Spider-Man. I just wish Peter Parker wasn’t so edgy and whiney all the time about money. Hopefully his personality changes before it ruins the whole series.

Written by: Zack Myers

+ Clash is a cool and interesting hero

– Peter Parker is poorly written
– The art style and time era of the comic don’t go together


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