Comic Review: Batman Eternal #10

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist: Riccardo Burchielli
Price: $2.99

This issue gives us some backstory on why Catwoman and Falcone hate each other, and why Falcone doesn’t consider Catwoman a worthy adversary. Catwoman tried to steal some things from Falcone years ago and he ended up getting his face scarred by the cat burglar. You would think that this alone would cause him a lifetime of hatred and revenge towards Selina Kyle, but he really doesn’t care too much…EVEN THOUGH SHE CLAWED HIS FREAKING FACE!!!

However, Falcone does get some payback, until he is kidnapped by Professor Pyg. Pyg wants to turn his prisoners into animals, but things come to a halt when Batman saves the day and tries to squeeze out any information he can out of all parties involved. Batman comes to the conclusion that Falcone may not be involved in the framing of Jim Gordon and that it could have been somebody else. Falcone’s true motives are unknown, but it seems like the part he plays could be minor compared to what is going on within Gotham City.

Not much else goes on in this issue other than some dialogue between Bruce Wayne and Alfred’s daughter, who turned out to be the girl who was stabbed back in the last issue. This issue is pretty lackluster. We get some decent information about what’s going on with Falcone, but that’s really about it. It feels like an issue designed solely to bridge the gap to the next one. With this being a weekly series, it’s not surprising if some issues don’t give a lot away, it’s just crazy that it took so long for that to happen. Overall, you should still pick this series up. It’s a full blown shot of adrenaline issue after issue, and this one particular still had me interested on what was going to happen on the next page.

Snyder and Co. are still doing what they do best, and that’s telling damn good stories. Pick up this issue, but be warned that it’s not as good as the previous ones, but a decent Snyder/Batman story is still one hell of a story.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ Intriguing story that keeps readers guessing
+ Snyder and his team of writers still deliver a quality story

– Slower than previous issues
– Lots of build up for almost nothing


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