Comic Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #9

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Tony Daniel
Price: $3.99

There is no Superman…there is only SUPERDOOM!!!!! Clark is having a hard time getting back in his own body, and Doomsday knows it. Doomsday now has the power to talk to Clark while taking over his body, and most of the dialogue comes straight from an 80’s After-School Special with Doomsday saying lines like “I own you now” and “You will never be yourself again”. Clark is just sitting in his own subconscious, thinking of anything to get his body back while Doomsday is using his new powers by destroying everything in sight.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, is convincing her old friend, Hessia, to find a way to get Superman back to his old self, but it doesn’t last too long as she gives up on her plan in what seems like ten seconds. She wants to kill Super-doom, or whatever Lois/Brainiac decide to call him.

A good chunk of this book delves into Wonder Woman’s passion for Superman and what she would go through to make sure he is okay. Soule has done a great job showing some romantic tension between Superman and Wonder Woman, leaving readers hopeful to see them make it as a couple.

Superman realizes that he can control Doomsday as long as he is not on Earth because a Kryptonite ring has eclipsed the earth and can only hurt Superman (Lex Luthor died from Kryptonite in the old universe so shouldn’t everybody be sick from radiation poisoning?). Clark thinks that he is safe as long as he stays clear from earth. The Red Lanterns decide to “help” Superman by having Supergirl beat the crap out of him. Seriously, Supergirl has not been helpful or useful once since the New 52 started. There are a lot of cameos in this book and it actually adds for some great dynamics between the characters, even though it seems a bit odd that all of the Red Lanterns are now helping Superman.

The art by Tony Daniel is fantastic as always (what can I say, the man can draw a good splash page or two). There are dynamic action scenes, but some of his facial features can feel one-dimensional and don’t seem to work correctly in the scenes where Wonder Woman is coming close to a nervous breakdown. The issue has some corny dialogue especially when Doomsday starts entering Clark’s thoughts and becomes a kid’s movie equivalent of a bully, but there are few faults in this issue.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+ Tony Daniel’s art
+Charles Soule has stepped up from the last issue
+Great use of minor characters.

-Super-Doom. COME ON GUYS REALLY?!?!?


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