Comic Review: Futures End #6

Comic reviews, Reviews

DC Comics
Writer: Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello
Artist: Patrick Zircher
Price: $2.99

Seven issues in and we FINALLY figure out what Terry has been doing this whole time. Besides randomly punching an endless assortment of bad guys, he’s been moonlighting as a hobo. Mister Terrific has found out about his identity fairly quickly considering that Terry talks with a robot…which would raise suspicions. With the help of ALFRED, Terry finds out the identity of the robot that followed them in the future.

A good chunk of this issue deals with Frankenstein coming back to work with SHADE to find out what caused the explosion that killed Stormwatch. Frankenstein meets Ray Palmer who is now a superhero, but not The Atom, which defeats the purpose of having Ray Palmer be a superhero.

Palmer finds a way to invent a transporter using the Phantom Zone as a catalyst to put the user anywhere he wants to go. Unfortunately, it goes haywire as many of the criminals within the Phantom Zone catch wind of them breezing through the area and decide to put a kibosh in their plans. We also see what happened to Amethyst of Gemworld. Her whole kingdom came to end, leaving her to be the last survivor. Meanwhile, Tim Drake tries to convince Lois to leave the bar. She tries to blackmail him into giving her an interview or else she will reveal to the world that he is Tim Drake and that maybe the Teen Titans didn’t die in the Earth 2 War.

King Faraday spies on Lois during the whole confrontation, but before he can threaten her, he is apprehended by Superman, who is wearing a suit of armor with a helmet. He threatens Faraday to leave Lois alone or else, to which he begrudgingly agrees to do so. The issue ends in an aura of mystery on whom exactly this new Superman could be.

This issue is one of the stronger parts of the series so far, meaning that this book is just getting better and better. If you haven’t been picking up this book yet, do yourself a favor and run to your local comic store and do so. The art and the writing on this series has been fantastic and every issue just leaves me wanting more, but in a good way. I just hope the writers can keep up the good work.

Written by: Cory Robinson

+This book leaves the reader in a aura of mystery that works well issue to issue.
+The writing and art are constantly well done.

-Ray Palmer “superhero” 


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