Comic Review: Savage Hulk #1

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Marvel Comics
Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Mark Farmer
Price: $3.99

The Hulk returns in a new series with the strangest teens of all, the X-Men. This is actually a continuation from issue #66 of the X-Men back from 1970. Professor Xavier is brought back from his coma after using a device Bruce Banner crafted with his gamma powers. The Hulk is on the run looking for peace in Nevada, but Professor X feels the need to help him find a cure for his gamma-induced curse. He sends the X-Men to go and find The Hulk.

This first issue contains quite a bit of action, mostly flashbacks where the hulk is either fighting off the military or the X-Men. The military is stepping up their game with new and improved rockets designed to stop the Hulk, but of course they fail. The X-Men are also trying to find The Hulk.  They use explosives to try and make Bruce Banner stressed enough to turn into the Hulk, making him easier to track down. The X-Men get a gamma signal, but not the signal they were hoping for as The Abomination leaps right for them.

The art style by Mark Farmer was unique; the comic has a very retro look thanks to the heavy shading and the character’s old costumes. It felt like I was reading a continuation of an issue from the 70’s. The story isn’t very intriguing yet, but for a first issue, it’s a good start.

Written by: Zack Myers

+ Lots of action right from the start
+ Interesting origin story with a continuation of an issue from 1970
+ Nice retro art style that actually works with the story

-Plot seems lacking and boring as of now

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